A Wisconsin man went into a McDonald’s restaurant with a strange order. He went in 30 minutes before the end of breakfast and ordered every sandwich available. Nick Chapman, who writes for a site called Dudefoods.com, said it was on his ‘bucket list’ to create this sandwich consisting of every sandwich on McDonald’s menu. He […]

A Detroit woman decided she to voice her complaint to a cell-phone store’s management in a most unusual way; she mooned everyone. She was upset that her son had bought a phone from the store two weeks ago and decided he wanted a refund. After the employee explainedthe store’s policy for refunds was only seven […]

It appears now that Miley Cyrus has taken twerking into the mainstream, people are now interested in the dance and its origins. ABC News actually posted a blog on their health page where they actually had a Ph.D researcher explain what twerking is… Michelle Olson, a professor of exercise science and a certified strength and […]

In case you missed it, Miguel performed at the Billboard Awards last night. Midway through his performance, Miguel thought it would be cool to jump over the crowd from one stage to the other. Whether it was his boots, diminutive stature, or a plain lack of athleticism that made it so he couldn’t complete the […]

You hafta see the signs, people. You hafta see the signs. Kanye West and his beloved, Kim Kardashian were making their way into a Beverly Hills eatery this afternoon. Kanye decided he didn’t want his picture taken, ducking his head to avoid the paparazzi…. …but he didn’t duck well enough to avoid walking SMACK-DAB into […]

Naptown’s own Mike Epps has posted a parody video of hero/viral sensation, Charles Ramsey. Mr. Ramsey  came into prominence after coming to the rescue of Amanda Berry and two other young women who were being held captive in a house in Cleveland. While his heroic act was more than enough to thrust him into the […]

Exercising at the gym can be monotonous, but one man, much to the delight of thousands of people on the Internet, has found a way to spice up his cardio routine. This cat is getting EVERYTHING he can outta his gym membership…! “I see this guy dancing almost every day on the treadmill. Had to […]

Coach Phil Jackson joined Twitter yesterday. His first tweet garnered a lot of attention for a variety of reasons. People wanted to see what The Zen Master was up to and what was on his mind, obviously…but the spelling and syntax was a bit off… Here’s his first tweet… We’re pretty sure he was referring […]

It looks like it’s going DOWN on the season finale of ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’. From what we gather, Kenya Moore is hosting a theme/costume party. Porsha apparently showed up in a costume she wasn’t supposed to and Kenya simply was NOT pleased, going so far as to ask her to leave. See the preview […]

People are already reacting to the video of Jodeci being booed offstage in London at their reunion show last week. One friend of the station, @iBleeze,  tweeted a GREAT suggestion, maybe even one that coulda saved the show…           LMAOOOOO!! Remember this…? We’ll be talking about some classic ‘Martin’ moments this […]

There will always be someone wildin out explaining something to news reporters. It just seems that now, those clips are actually making it to the air much quicker and with the way the internet works, you can go from local eyewitness to national celebrity in no time flat. The movement seemed to really take off […]

New York Knicks coach Mike Woodson has been spotted in some interesting gear lately…   BEST.    WORST. Source: Deadspin Follow @1067WTLC on Twitter.