Workplace Discrimination

It is becoming more evident with each passing day that many feel that just about everything regarding black people needs to be policed and/or regulated. In the latest case of attempting to diminish our value, worth and beauty, and appeals court has ruled that employees who opt to wear dreadlocks do not have a legal […]

Howard graduate Briggitta Hardin says she was fired from her job at a sports bar because of her skin color.

Legal expert Damario Solomon-Simmons says the criminal justice system is not the only place where Blacks face intense discrimination.

A federal jury last week awarded seven workers nearly $15 million in a racial discrimination suit after their bosses reportedly segregated them and called them…

I told you yesterday about a Baltimore woman who was fired because of her blonde highlights. Now, another black woman is facing similar discrimination because of the way she wears her hair. Ashley Davis, said a change in her company’s policy now requires her to cut off her dreadlocks. “I’ve only been there for two months, and […]