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I told you yesterday about a Baltimore woman who was fired because of her blonde highlights. Now, another black woman is facing similar discrimination because of the way she wears her hair.

Ashley Davis, said a change in her company’s policy now requires her to cut off her dreadlocks.

“I’ve only been there for two months, and they came up with a policy. I feel like it’s degrading,” she said.

According to Fox 2 St. Louis, the policy was implemented a few weeks after Davis began working there. The policy states,”dreadlocks, braids, mohawks, mullets and other hairstyles are against company guidelines.”

Davis tells the local Fox station she had the dreadlocks when they hired her and she’s been growing her locks for 10 years. To her, they’re apart of her culture and everyone in her family wears them. But, she’s the only one in her office that wears the hairstyle.

The station reached out to Davis’ employer, where she works as a secretary, who responded with the following statement:

“Tower Loan does not comment on individual personnel matters. However, Tower has an appearance policy that is clearly defined in its training manual. Tower believes a professional appearance is necessary for the success of the company.”


Davis reportedly has until Today (Oct. 25) to make the change.

“My dreads, I love them and I’m going to keep them. My hair is a part of me and it makes me the professional and bubbly person I am,” she said.