Thanksgiving Guide: Discover 20 popular Thanksgiving recipes curated by renowned chefs. The countdown to Thanksgiving has begun, and we’re here to assist you in planning a spectacular feast! As you prepare to thaw your turkey (don’t forget National Thaw Day!), it’s time to curate your Thanksgiving menu. Let’s dive into the exciting decisions ahead, such […]

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What is the Average Cost of Thanksgiving Dinner in 2023 As Thanksgiving approaches, shoppers are preparing themselves for the potential sticker shock that comes with purchasing a turkey dinner. This year, the increasing costs of labor and food production are contributing to the rising prices of produce, with food production costs estimated to rise by […]

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If you're seeking to venture beyond the traditional Thanksgiving dinner fare, we have a curated collection of mouthwatering recipes that are sure to ignite your culinary creativity.


How Long Does Turkey Last In The Fridge As we approach the delightful turkey season, it’s important to ensure that our feasts are prepared and stored with utmost care. According to the USDA, the best way to thaw a turkey is by placing it in the refrigerator at a chilly 40°F or below for several […]

Your Thanksgiving Dinner will cost about a penny more this year. That’s the word from the American Farm Bureau, which says higher dairy prices will offset the falling cost of turkey. The group’s 34th annual survey of foods traditionally served at Thanksgiving adds up to just under 49-dollars to feed a family of ten. The […]

1. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, make sure to share the work load. Whether you’re hosting your friends or your families or a combination of both, the key to survival is to help each other with all the tasks at hand. That may mean splitting the duties (one of you cleans while the other one cooks), […]


  11/28/16- Find out what happens when Thanksgiving doesn’t go well for one particular family. You’ve got to hear this one!  

While you were cutting your slice of Turkey and piling on mac n cheese, celebrities were doing the same this week for Thanksgiving.

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This time last year Patti LaBelle and her famous sweet potato pie was a viral sensation, thanks to the highly popular video of James Wright Chanel literally singing the pie’s praises. As a result, Wal-Mart (which sells her pies) couldn’t keep them in stock, causing fans to drive out of their way to taste what […]


Are you tired of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner and looking to put a new twist on Turkey Day?