The woman who was once the top internal affairs investigator for the Indianapolis Department of Public Safety intends to sue the city for wrongful termination. Ellen Corcella led the investigation into how blood from suspended officer David Bisard was mishandled. Bisard is the IMPD officer that was charged with reckless homicide and operating a vehicle […]

*One of the bad things about having a huge hit record is that some folks think you’re their ticket to getting over … on you!…

An Indiana man is claiming that he led Tyler Perry into “Temptation” — and now he wants payback from the filmmaker. Writer William James of Gary, Ind., filed a lawsuit against Perry in U.S. District Court in Indiana this week, saying that the idea for Perry’s “Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor” is lifted from […]

Michael Jordan’s alleged baby mama Pamela Smith is vowing to re-file her paternity suit against His Airness, despite calling off the dogs last month. Smith dropped the lawsuit without explanation and Jordan immediately lashed out, asking the judge to nail her with his attorneys’ fees as well as sanctions. Now Pamela Smith says she withdrew […]

Oops! Oh my, it looks like Tweet is thinking about bringing the drama to social-media powerhouse, Twitter. R&B singer Tweet has a beef with popular social media network Twitter. She apparently is considering filing a suit against the site for its name and bird imagery, which she claims both are ripoffs of her persona. She’s […]

R&B singer Jaheim posted some pictures of himself outside of Whitney Houston’s funeral service yesterday and those actions have led to two days of him responding to peoples’ comments about his choice of wardrobe, reasons for being at the funeral and reasons for posting the pics. If you visit Jaheim’s Twitter page and check out […]