The Insider’s Kevin Frazier spoke with the TJMS this morning to discuss a sit-down interview he had recently with Basketball Wives creator and executive-producer, Shaunie O’Neal. And there’s a couple questions many listeners have: Is Shaunie O’Neal quitting Basketball Wives? Is a dramatic shift in casting about to take place? You never know what will happen when the […]

Looks like her “perfect” relationship came back to bite “Basketball Wives”Gloria Govan in the ass. Gloria spent most of the first season bragging about how the other wives were jealous of the relationship she shared with her man. In season 2, we learn that Gloria and her fiance, NBA player, Matt Barnes, abruptly called off […]

Is Shaq engaged already? Is it true? Is it to soon? Is Hoopz the one? <!--more-->

Death threats? What death threats? Shaunie and her new man hit up the red carpet at the US Weekly party in Hollywood last night.

According to Shaunie he is…In a letter from her lawyers to Shaq’s lawyers, Shaunie says Shaq is sending death threats to her boyfriend through their 6-year-old son.

We told you yesterday about Shaq and his lawyers sending a letter to Vh1 demanding they halt production of any further episodes of Basketball Wives that references his name. Well it seems like Shaunie is not going to let him ruin her show.  Shaunie and her girls took to Twitter to go in on Shaq.

I recently told you that Shaq’s ex-wife has a new MUCH YOUNGER man (and yes ladies he’s hot).  The couple were recently spotted on vacation in Maui and Shaunie tells PEOPLE magazine, they took “a big step” in their relationship by going to vacation together for the first time.

NBA’s Shaquille O’Neal is used to getting double-teamed on the basketball court, but I’m not sure if he can beat this one: his soon to be ex-wife and mistress have teamed up against him. According to, Shaunie O’Neal and one of his jumpoff’s Vanessa Lopez are using the same investigator who has uncovered, what […]