INDIANAPOLIS — North Central High School (NCHS) has released a statement to staff and families regarding the school’s principal that has been placed on a leave of absence. The statement says that Mr. Branigan was placed on leave “after allegations involving verbal misconduct and failure to implement District protocols regarding a student discipline matter.” According […]

HANCOCK COUNTY— Teachers in several districts now have a high-tech tool to get help and keep their students safe. It’s something at least one teacher is worried is making it tough to hire qualified educators. “There are a lot more weights to carry in 2022 as an educator,” said Laken Rosing. “They wanted to be […]

INDIANAPOLIS — Students in Pike Township Schools will again learn remotely on Tuesday due to a shortage of bus drivers. The school district announced on Monday that students would participate in eLearning because drivers are out due to planned medical leave, illness and an overall shortage of school bus drivers. A district spokesperson said there […]

INDIANAPOLIS — Critical race theory, a once-obscure academic concept that is nearly 40 years old, has been thrust into the spotlight following last year’s social justice protests and a push by several states to create bills that would ban teaching the topic in elementary, middle and high schools. In the most basic terms, the core […]

Washington Township schools in Indianapolis will not return to in-person classes on July 30.

INDIANAPOLIS — With school buildings closed through the end of the current semester, IPS begins its Home Learning Plan on Thursday. The district shut down in mid-March, but the closure was followed by a two week spring break. Now it’s back to the books, or in this case, laptops, pencil and paper. Superintendent Aleesia Johnson […]

There's anecdotal evidence of police excessive use of Tasers on students. But no one is keeping track.

Houston school district approves $1.2 M to rename schools honoring the Confederacy. The divisive plan goes into effect for the 2016-17 school year.

Jim Crow is back. The notion of a post-racial society after President Barack Obama was elected as the nation’s first black president has just been blown up: America’s public schools are re-segregating at an alarming rate. Decades of racial progress in public schools is now being erased, according to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report […]

A survey found that students brought more than 185 guns to school so far for this academic year. The group that conducted the survey laments that there's no federal gun safety law in place.

Harford County officials blame Freddy Gray's death and the city's past history of unrest for why it’s “not safe” to visit.

Atrocious school conditions prompted the union to seek outside help to show the DPS just how harmful the lack of resources are for children.