Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is being hit with a cease and desist order from rapper Flavor Flav.  A lawyer for the Public Enemy co-founder sent Sanders a letter Friday complaining that the senator planned to use Flav’s “unauthorized likeness” and image to promote a rally.  The complaint noted Chuck D was scheduled to perform […]

Now here’s a combination you didn’t see coming… Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders is hooking up with hip hop legends Public Enemy to “Fight The Power” at his rally this Sunday in Los Angeles. Public Enemy will perform at the event that will also feature comedian Sarah Silverman and actor Dick Van Dyke. The group […]

Chuck D is teaming up with PUMA and Def Jam Recordings for a Public Enemy sneaker and clothing collaboration.  On Saturday, the legendary frontman revealed that he is releasing a sneaker that honors Public Enemy’s seminal album “Fear Of A Black Planet,” which turns 30 on April 10th.  Chuck also shared the red and white […]

Tupac Shakur will be inducted into the 2017 class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Chic’s Nile Rodgers will be given the Award For Musical Excellence.

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Hip-hop pioneer Chuck D talks Black Lives Matter and Black love matters at the Justice or Else rally in Washington D.C.

Public Enemy will re-issue their albums “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back” and “Fear of a Black Planet.” According to “Pitchfork,” the re-releases will each be double-disc features and will include bonus material as well as the original albums. The new editions will also include liner notes written by The Roots […]

Public Enemy rapper Chuck D is taking a stand against the state of urban radio. In a recent interview, Chuck says that his goal is to “change the face and sound of urban radio” by the end of the year. Apparently, D was motivated to call for changes after the prolific use of the N-word […]

Despite being the poster child for longevity in hip-hop, LL Cool J always has and probably always will be considered an underdog. After churning out…

There’s no doubt that music is a form of self-expression. And many artists not only use the recording booth as a hit-making platform, but also as a medium to impact social change and connect with their fans across the globe. June is African-American Music Month. Created by President Jimmy Carter, every president since then has […]