INDIANAPOLIS — A suspended IMPD officer accused of violating a man’s civil rights during a September 2021 arrest is expected to enter a change of plea on Monday. Eric Huxley faces federal and state charges related to an incident in which he kicked Jermaine Vaughn in the head and face “without lawful justification”, causing bodily […]

  INDIANAPOLIS — A federal grand jury has indicted an Indianapolis police sergeant on allegations he violated a man’s civil rights by using excessive force during a September 2021 arrest. The indictment alleges that Sgt. Eric Huxley, 44, kicked the man in the head and face “without lawful justification”, causing bodily injury to that person, according to […]

GREENFIELD — A Greenfield Police Department officer accused of using “excessive force” during an arrest has been placed on paid administrative leave. The officer, who has not been named at this time, was placed on leave effective August 26, according to the Greenfield Police Department. “We requested the Indiana State Police also conduct an investigation […]


America’s police departments need to be overhauled to halt the unchecked power of officers to shoot and kill Blacks.

A police officer manhandles a small framed Black woman. Officials have launched an investigation.

The St. Louis police secretly settled dozens of cases. Many of those cases have not been reviewed for possible criminal charges.

Dante Servin, who shot unarmed Rekia Boyd, resigned before a hearing Tuesday over whether he should be terminated for the off-duty 2012 incident.

Professional basketball player Thabo Sefolosha files a civil lawsuit against five New York City police officers. He accuses them of making a false arrest, using excessive force and violating his civil rights.


A man who called 911 to report a customer waving a gun in a store, resulting in a fatal police-involved shooting in 2014 in a Dayton, Ohio suburb, could now be charged with making a false alarm, reports The Associated Press.

A 25-year-old Virginia woman was shot and killed by two Norfolk, Virginia police officers Saturday after after making a “threatening motion” with a fake gun, according to Mic.

Activists in Austin, Texas have accused an officer of using excessive force after he pepper-sprayed a handcuffed man inside a police wagon in a parking lot at the SXSW festival last week, according to the Huffington Post.

A 23-year-old White officer with the Montgomery, Alabama police department has been charged with murder in the shooting death of an unarmed Black man.