We’ve all heard and seen shining examples of the age-old adage, “black don’t crack.” Thanks to good genes, lots of ultraviolet ray-shielding melanin, natural oils and some say the grace of God — many black folk enjoy a youthful appearance way past the age others start to experience winkles, age spots and sagging skin. Well, that notion […]

Yesterday a sneak peak of Beyoncé covering the February issue of GQ magazine was leaked on Instagram. The photo was soon deleted, but not before countless blogs snapped up and published the image of the star posing in a cut-off shirt, red leopard-print panties and a thick gold chain. Moments ago GQ released what they are calling “the real version of […]


First lady Michelle Obama covers the May issue of Ebony magazine, which is due out on April 17. According to various outlets, Ebony editor-in-chief Amy DuBois Barnett chats with America’s Mom-in-Chief in the issue about how she balances family life with executing her national initiatives — and how important her mother is to her. According […]

Kimora and her brood are featured in the latest issue of Baby Couture magazine. In the issue, the former model talks about, what else, motherhood. But the photo shoot took place months ago, peep the video.

Zoe Saldana is radiant in red on the cover of Siempre Mujer magazine’s April/May 2010 issue. Here’s what the 31-year-old Avatar actress had to share…