Lori Loughlin

Actress Lori Loughlin is reportedly starting to regret her not guilty plea in the college admissions scandal. Entertainment Today reports an inside source told them Loughlin is starting to second guess her plea, as more parents who were charged get reduced sentences. The source says Loughlin feels alone and insists the situation is a misunderstanding. […]

Two Hollywood celebrities are due in a Boston courtroom today. Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are scheduled to face a judge in the massive college admissions cheating scandal. The feds believe they gave money to a Southern California business man who then funneled the money through a bogus charity, just to hand the money to […]

Federal prosecutors are reportedly offering deals to some wealthy parents caught up in the college admissions scandal. The Los Angles Times says several are being given a short window to consider a deal or potentially face additional charges. It’s unclear which parents are getting the offer. Federal authorities have said the investigation is ongoing but […]

 The Hallmark channel is dropping actress Lori Loughlin amid the nationwide college cheating scandal.  The “Fuller House” star is among the dozens of parents accused in the bribery scheme to get their children into elite universities.  Loughlin’s daughter, online influencer Olivia Jade, has also lost business.  Sephora, the personal care and beauty company, has decided […]

Actress Felicity Huffman is out of jail after being charged as part of a massive college admissions bribery scheme. The “Desperate Housewives” star was granted 250-thousand-dollars bond when she appeared in a Los Angeles courtroom. She’s charged with fraud on accusations she paid a bribe to boost her daughter’s college entrance exam score. Huffman was […]