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@kwellscomm Political News –  The House Minority Leader weighs-in with her thoughts on the impact of the President-elect being at odds with the American intelligence community over his alleged Russian activities and more. Click the media player below, to learn hear from Nancy Pelosi and how Donald Trump responds to the press when he doesn’t […]

@kwellscomm News & Sports… GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, who some say has built the most divisive political campaign in modern history ushering in misogyny, racism, sexism and other forms of hatred into the public frey, now wants African Americans to vote for him en masse. He’s now actively courting these citizens’ votes in […]

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump runs into an exuberant teen while out on the stump ahead of today’s Wisconsin primary. Click the media player below to hear what happened: #(@1067WTLC)# : KimWellsMedia : 040516 Send your press releases, news tips and show requests to me at the station three ways: Email:,  Phone: 317-923-9696 x 509 and leave a […]

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, doctors confirm a broken heart is real.  Some people do suffer from what the professionals call Broken Heart Syndrome. Learn about it in today’s edition of “To Your Health.” Click the media player below to hear an expert break down what happens: (@1067WTLC) Send your press releases, news tips and show requests […]

When 2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump gets together with leaders of black churches across the nation, endorsements and selling the businessman to black church goers is at stake. I have more on the meeting between these black pastors and the controversial Republican front-runner below. Click the media player to listen: ### (@1067WTLC) ### kimwellsmedia […]

Legendary broadcaster Amos Brown is honored by the State of Indiana posthumously as the community is invited to his public memorial services that get underway at Noon today at a northwest side church; the Indianapolis community is suffering the loss of a popular titan of industry, #WTLCIndyNews has learned of the death of businessman, Gene […]

Indiana Black Expo’s 45th Annual Summer Celebration continues today with some highly anticipated top notch events focused on career, culture and taking care of your health. Click the media player below to hear what’s on tap on this Throwback Thursday:  To see this year’s schedule of events, click HERE. ###(@1067WTLC)### kimwellsmedia 071615 Follow me on Twitter@kwellscomm.

The self-proclaimed former neighborhood watchman who killed unarmed black teenager, Trayvon Martin, after stalking him through a gated community has decided to release an interview with his thoughts on a variety of issues regarding the now infamous case, including President Obama’s involvement. Click the media below to hear the latest on what he has to […]