On this day 10 years ago we lost the ” King of Pop” Michael Jackson. He left behind his family, 3 beautiful kids, and a LEGACY that will never die. His family released a statement saying, “Ten years ago today, the world lost a gifted artist and extraordinary humanitarian.  A decade later, Michael Jackson is […]

Michael Jackson’s doctor is claiming Joe Jackson chemically castrated the singer to help him maintain a high-pitched singing voice. Dr. Conrad Murray made the claim in a video shared yesterday by The Blast. He says in it that he has been told numerous stories of things Joe Jackson did to the pop singer, calling him […]

Joe Jackson is now buried at the same cemetery as his son Michael Jackson.  The 89-year-old was laid to rest at Forest Lawn in Glendale, California Monday during a private funeral.  Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson’s children Prince and Paris, and other family and friends were in attendance.  Joe Jackson passed away from pancreatic cancer on […]

Katherine Jackson has asked for a restraining order against Joe Jackson’s brother’s son, Trent Jackson, her driver for many years.

Joe Jackson Hospitalized The 87 year old creator of the Jackson Five was in the hospital last friday.  He went in for a regular checkup and was hospitalized after coming down with a high fever.  Jermaine Jackson spoke on his dad’s health status and said “he’s much healthier now and we’re very happy about that” […]


An EgyptAir plane flying from Paris to Cairo with 66 passengers on board vanished and most likely crashed over the Mediterranean Sea on Thursday, according to French President François Hollande. The aircraft reportedly made several rapid turns before it went off the radar. The plane had just flown into Egyptian airspace before it made a 90-degree left turn […]

The 87-year-old was undergoing a routine checkup with his Los Angeles-based doctor last Friday when he fell ill.

According to TMZ - Joe Jackson did not OD on Viagra and ready to Sue media outlets that made the claim - A rep says Jackson has hospital records proving there is no Viagra in his system when he was admitted to the hospital. Source TMZ

Joe Jackson was recently released from the hospital after suffering from strokes. The 87-year old has been released and sources are saying that he suffered from the strokes in Brazil for popping Viagra. It has been denied by his representatives that this is the reason this went down. SOURCE: http://www.mercurynews.com/celebrities/ci_28589846/joe-jackson-suffers-stroke-after-reportedly-taking-viagra

According to TMZ - Janet Jackson has put her life on hold for a minute to take care of her dad while he recovers in Brazil - Janet arrived in Brazil on Tuesday her dad is out of ICU very good news - Source TMZ

Joe Jackson, father of the late musical legend Michael Jackson, was admitted to a hospital in Brazil over the weekend after suffering a stroke, USA Today reports. Jackson was…

Joe Jackson revealed his softer side in a recent open letter to his baby girl, Janet Jackson. The letter, released on his official website, details his relationship with his youngest daughter. Released as part of a series which has seen him share stories on each and every one of his children, his take on Janet comes […]