written by @itsthecaptain The Super Bowl Rematch is set and all Media was a buzz to hear the game plan. The Giants as a whole are not taking the Patriots lightly and they want this W more than the last one. Check out some video from Eli Manning and Coach Coughlin as they talk about […]

written by @itsthecaptain Super Bowl media is an extreme rare opportunity. You get to here some of the first hand thoughts of the players before the big game! Well that is if there is enough time for your question. The New England Patriots put there best foot forward. Listen below to hear Coach’s comments on […]

written by @itsthecaptain Patrice O’neal was a truly dynamic and honest comedian. He has had some very great moments and he was truly hilarious. What you are about to see is some material that will truly explain while he is a well respected and appreciated comedian that will be missed by all of his colleagues […]