cop Killer

Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD officer who’s the subject of a manhunt by authorities for the murders of 3 people, including a police officer, has begun to attract fans via social media. A small, but growing segment of the online community is cheering him, referring to him as the “the black Rambo” and “the black Jason […]

Accused cop-killer Christopher Dorner posted an 11,000 word manifesto explaining the actions he was about to undertake. We’re posting it here, in full and uncensored, for you to possibly gain some insight as to what set this off. To: America Subj: Last resort Regarding CF# 07-004281 I know most of you who personally know me […]

A fired police officer who threatened to bring “warfare” to the Los Angeles Police Department went on a shooting rampage that left a policeman and two others dead and set off an extraordinary manhunt that had three states and Mexico on alert for much of Thursday. The search for Christopher Dorner led hair-trigger officers to […]