Chicago public schools

Chance the Rapper met with Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner on Friday to discuss drastic cuts to Chicago public schools. He noted he was frustrated with the meeting.

Chicago public schools announced a record high graduation rate. The teachers union applauded the students, community organizations, and educators for more than a decade of hard work.

A federal judge on Thursday tossed out a civil suit filed by a White Chicago public school teacher who claims he should not have been…

On April 24, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, President Barack Obama’s former chief of staff, announced plans to build a new high school in Chicago in the president’s honor. Barack Obama College Preparatory High School, slated to open in fall 2017, will be a selective enrollment public school on the city’s Near North Side; the 11th selective enrollment high […]

In less than two minutes, nine-year-old Chicago Public School student Asean Johnson on Wednesday unloaded a heartfelt plea to save teachers while excoriating the Board of Education that signed off on last week’s massive budget cuts and teacher layoffs. “One thing I don’t about this board is that you only give us two minutes to speak and you […]

Just when it started to get really ugly, the Chicago Public Schools teacher strike is over. Yesterday we told you that Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel asked the court to step in and order the teachers to end their strike. Even though the judge denied his request, CPS teachers did come to an agreement. Black America […]

As Chicago Public Schools teachers enter their second week of their strike, Mayor Chicago Rahm Emanuel says enough is enough.  He took the issue to court asking a judge to order teachers back to work saying their strike is a “danger to public safety and students.” But the Chicago Teacher Union says he’s gone too […]

Chicago teachers uncomfortable with a tentative contract offer decided Sunday to remain on strike, insisting they needed more time to consider whether to end an acrimonious standoff with Mayor Rahm Emanuel that will keep 350,000 students out of class for at least a few more days.   Emanuel fired back Sunday night by instructing city […]

With Chicago teachers poised to go on strike for the first time in a quarter century, parents spent Sunday worrying about how much their children’s education might suffer and where their kids will go while they’re at work. Teachers said they would walk off the job Monday if no deal was reached with the nation’s […]

The Chicago Teachers Union has accused the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) system of racism.  On Wednesday, the Teachers Union filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission office, alleging that while 29 percent of the CPS system teachers were African American, 43 percent of those teachers were subject to a massive 2011 layoff spree. […]