@kwellscomm News & Sports  — Indy Metro Police have made an arrest this morning for a retail break-in on the city’s northwest side. They found this guy in a unique spot. Good day to you Indy…. The suspect allegedly broke into the Best Buy store near Lafayette Road and Interstate 65 this morning and […]

Pacers and Cavs went into overtime last night and still lost 106 to 111. They have another shot at a win this week tomorrow night against the Brooklyn Net in New York. Today is Groundhog Day! Is Spring around the corner Did furry forecaster Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow? NOPE!With an 80 percent accuracy from […]

Warriors fans, Cavs fans and just sports fans in general have been on edge as of late with the start of a highly anticipated NBA Finals series between…

The fact that Miami Fans are Singing "Whoomp! There It Is!" in 2010 lets you know nothing this big has happened in a long time!

The owner of the Cavs is definitely not a happy man and he let the City of Cleveland know they are doing just fine without "King James"