Beyonce Album Tweets

May is Black Music Month! To celebrate some of our favorite icons, Beyonce, Jay Z, Kanye West and Rihanna are each gracing their own cover of Ebony magazine’s May 2014 issue.   Well-known music writer Kevin Powell wrote each of the four cover stories with themes of “Diva,” “Mogul,” “Rebel,” and “Poet.”  It was an honor […]

Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter World Tour has come to an end and the “XO” singer had an emotional moment during her final show in Portugal. She has performed in more than 100 concerts since she first kicked off her tour in April 2013. Since then, Blue Ivy turned 2-years-old, she celebrated her 5th anniversary with husband […]

Beyonce is now a size 2 and she’s showing off how! It looks like she’s kicking off a new Vegan challenge. The “Crazy In Love” singer Instagrammed a picture of a chocolate bar cut into pieces and topped with marshmallows. She captioned the picture “#22DaysVegan.” Whatever she’s doing, it’s working! Queen Bey and her high […]

Beyonce and Jay Z have been a dynamic duo for awhile but now the couple is preparing for a first together: performing for the Grammys! The song they’re rocking the stage with hasn’t been slated yet, but there are so many options! This will be Beyonce’s first performance on TV since releasing her surprise self-titled […]

Beyonce’s self-titled album has been breaking crazy records since she shocked us all and released it just moments before midnight on Dec. 13. But NASA isn’t feeling her single “XO”.  She used the voice of the group’s Public Affairs Officer, Steve Nesbitt during the shaky  moments of the Challenger flight that malfunctioned just 73 seconds […]