JACKSON COUNTY — Indiana State Rep. Jim Lucas (R) was arrested Wednesday morning by Indiana State Police in Jackson County. Lucas, 58, was booked in the Jackson County jail on preliminary charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated and leaving the scene of a crash with property damage. According to jail records, Lucas was booked […]

Many people had suspensions that Bobby Kristina’s death had something to do with Nick Gordon, but no charges were ever brought up against him.  Well, TMZ.com says that Nick Gordon was arrested for allegedly beating up his new girl friend in some type of rage. According to TMZ.com Gordon’s girlfriend told police he was pissed […]

Desiigner's legal team thinks "they" don't want to see a black man win

The controversy comes at the start of the football season, in which Notre Dame will face the University of Texas at a season opener game on September 4.

Apparently, Katt Williams got into another altercation, this time with a woman.

Activist Deray McKesson, one of the most prominent voices in the Black Lives Matter movement, was arrested around 11:15 p.m. late Saturday evening while protesting

According to TMZ.com…yep.  Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent was arrested last night in the Caribbean.  The biggest question is why? Apparently, you cannot use profanity in public.  Fifty was warned prior to the show, but evidently didn’t think this law was very important.  Now, he’s stuck until Monday…you know how it is when […]

Pierce did tell the police that he followed the group to their hotel room, but was grabbed by the accuser and two friends who attempted to "pull him in as he was trying to get away."

It seems these days, rapper DMX can't stay on the straight and narrow path


What better way to apologize than to sing your way out of trouble?


An 11-year-old boy from Tennessee murdered an 8-year-old girl following a dispute over puppies.

A Georgia doctor has found himself in the worst case scenario for any professional – behind bars. Psychiatrist Narendra Nagareddy has been arrested after 36 of his patients died, with at least 12 killed by overdose on prescription medication. According to reports, Nagareddy was held at his office Thursday following a raid by DEA agents. Clayton County […]