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Umm… this is a sensitive topic… weight. Well, a woman in Dekalb County, Georgia had a pretty embarrassing moment at a local nail salon.

Michelle Fonville got a pedi and mani, and got her brows done. And when she was handed the bill she got a very unpleasant surprise – a $5 surcharge.

At first she was a bit confused about the bill and informed the person in charge, saying there was a mistake made.

She was corrected by the salon manger , who told her it was no mistake. It was a new charge they established for overweight people.

Yes, for fat people. She explained to the customer who nearly broke down in tears, that people who exceeded the 200-pound capacity for the salon chairs were costing her big money to keep those chairs in operation – $2,500 each!

Now, now, before you get your panties in a bunch, try to understand both sides of this argument.

The customer, who took her outrage to a local news station said this incident was straight discrimination.

“The word has to get out there that these people are discriminating against us because of our weight. I mean come on, we’re in America. You can’t do that,” the overweight customer said.

On the other side of the fence, the manager does have to be aware of unnecessary costs. If it’s gonna cost her more to keep a customer than the money her customer is going to bring it, sacrifices need to be made right?

Weight surcharges are nothing new in America. Airlines do charge wider folks for two seats, as they should if they are taking more room than allotted to one person, taking away an opportunity to fill another seat. Same with the salon – if a big person is costing them money, causing equipment to prematurely break down, they gotta do what they gotta do.

Perhaps the charge can be tacked on a different way and just hike up all the prices all around. However she may lose more customers that way because she’d be penalizing all those who don’t fall in the hazardous category of obese.

Let’s face it folks, being overweight costs.