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2-Year Old Brain Dead After Boxing Lesson From Father

Fri, Aug 6, 2010

Are You Serious?, crime

Lee Willy DeJesus

*Another day, another nitwit in the news. In Miami a so called “father” tried to teach his 2-year-old son to box is now charged with second-degree murder and the boy is brain dead.

Miami-Dade police said the incident occurred Monday night when Lee Willy DeJesus was watching the child while his mother was at work. Dejesus told police that he put on boxing gloves and struck the child about 15 times on his face, head, torso and shoulders over a period of 15 minutes, punching him so hard at one point that the boy fell off the bed and struck his head on the tile floor, according to CNN.

Willy DeJesus

Little Willy was declared brain dead after he was taken to a local hospital, and police plan to upgrade the charges against DeJesus to first-degree murder if the boy is taken off life support, NBC reports.

Police say that after the boy hit his head, Dejesus waited an hour to call 911 and initially told investigators that the bruises had been inflicted by a babysitter. Yeah, right.

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