Inspire U: The Podcast

Step 1

One way to keep her happy and make her feel special is find out what she has been wanting to do and make a day of it. Maybe it is a night on the town, maybe take out at home.

  • Step 2

    Wash the dishs. Do something she has been bugging you to do around the house.

  • Step 3

    Maybe a spa gift card for a day of pampering!

  • Step 4

    Take her on a date. Dating can be fun!

  • Step 5

    Show her you love her! Give her a kiss like you really mean it, wait for the right time. Timing is everything!

  • Step 6

    Flowers or a random gift you know she will like. Let her know you thought of her.

  • Step 7

    Give her the gift of some alone time. If you have a baby she could really use some time to catch up on her reading, watch a movie she wants to watch, go out with the girls, who knows, but she deserves some time to herself too.

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