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By Amy Cunningham

It’s that time of year again. People everywhere are resolving to eat healthy, exercise, lose weight, budget better, work less, stop biting their nails, and the list goes on.

While resolutions are usually about improving yourself, they’re not often geared towards improving your relationship.

  1. Date Night.

    Set a ‘date night’ at least once a month. Even if it’s just dinner and a movie, make time for each other and get out and about.

  2. I Love You

    We always think that we say “I Love You” enough, but in reality, you can never say it enough. Tell your partner several times a day that you love them.

  3. Words of Love.

    Nothing sparks the warm fuzzies of love than seeing it written out on paper. Try leaving your partner a love note in the morning to find when they wake up. Vow to write a passionate letter or love poem once a month.Surprises.

    Spontaneity is the key here. Try sending her flowers “just because”. Buy him 2 tickets to a game of his favorite sport — and go with him!  Vow to surprise your partner at least once a month.

  4. Weekend Get-a-way.

    Take a romantic weekend away for no reason (no anniversary, holiday, etc) except to be together. Head to a cabin in the mountains, a local bed and breakfast, or a relaxing spa. It doesn’t really matter where you go, just bring along a few essentials.

  5. Show Your Love.

    Give your partner compliments, hold hands, open doors, and engage in public displays of affection. It’s the little things you do to show your love that always mean the most.

  6. Be creative.

    Shake up your romantic life with a little creativity. Think outside of the box. One of the easiest things to do is to create a coupon book for your partner and give him/her one coupon for every week of the year.

  7. Have Fun.

    Take up a hobby together this year. Join a softball team together, take cooking lessons, golf lessons, or dancing lessons. You’ll not only learn something new, but you’ll have fun with your partner at the same time!

  8. Do Something.

    Make him lunch. Paint her toenails. Wash and wax his car. Do her weekly chores. You’ve always heard that it’s the little things that really matter when in comes to showing how much you care. So vow to show how much you care by doing something nice for your partner frequently. It’s the  practical (and much appreciated) way to show your love!

  9. Learn More About Each Other.

    There is always more to learn about your partner and you can have a lot of fun doing it. Spend some time each week documenting your own love story.