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Step 1

Be bold and take chances. Conservative people end up with average things in life. I’m not talking about material things either. Maybe they’ll miss out on real love with that kind of thinking, because that requires taking a chance. They’re just putting limitations on their full potential. If you don’t take chances, risks, or make bold decisions, how are you going to win in life? Tell yourself this, you’re only on this planet once. What’s there to wait for? Go out there and grab what you want from life, don’t wait. Why not really live, let loose, and set your entire world on fire! Be a person who thrives on taking chances and being bold. Be different and unique. Practice this, until you’re fearless. Fear is what holds a person back. We’re motivated by our fears and pleasures. What if a person is just motivated by just their pleasures?

  • Step 2

    Positive thinking techniques. “Today is going to be a bright day.” Say that every morning, then smile. Then say, “I’m going to win big today.” Wake up, appreciate the small things. Like a beautiful blue sky, or chirping birds outside your window. You got to get your mind in a positive state of thinking, right? So appreciate what is good, and then focus on trying to add on to that. Make a rule and live by it. Don’t care about your own faults. Just focus on what matters and what’s important. If you can block out the problems, or turn a problem into a positive solution, nothing can ever stop you. Practice this.

  • Step 3

    Don’t allow failure to knock you down. Well if it does, then get back up and live to fight another day. Everyone gets knocked down. Actually you should in a way almost encourage failure, that way you can turn it into motivation and determination. When you’re determine, you’re dangerous. You’re ready to solve problems and think big, just like a winner. Mental preparation is the secret to being a winner in life. It’s all in our minds, not in our skills, or talents. Don’t ever forget that part. We all have talent, so why isn’t everyone winning? Bad mental preparation is why. They go into a solution thinking there’s not hope, and that is what they end up with.

  • Step 4

    Hard work and patience. Yes, you go out and grab what you want, but realize it’s a working progress sometimes. Not everything gets handed to you in life. You got to be a patient person to a degree. What I mean is, you can’t expect miracles overnight. You have to work hard and put effort into the things you do. Take it slow, go easy, don’t make things more difficult than they are. Simplify things, don’t over think them. Enjoy what you’re doing too.

  • Step 5

    Be willing to learn and listen. Winners are learners and observers. In fact they’re obsessed with this trait. They constantly learn from others, and take notes. They respect those around them and they don’t get arrogant. They have confidence, but don’t disrespect others opinions at the same time. Open mind creates new visions for a person Open that mind up and allow others to share their experience and expertise. Because like I stated, no one is better than anyone. So be willing to always listen to those and not always assume you’re right.

  • Step 6

    Develop your swagger. Here’s what you do, you live by this motto. I will not be denied. Nothing will stop me. You got to stay it to yourself, think it and feel it. Follow a code, and never set limitations. I don’t believe in limitations, because I feel when we give ourselves those tags, we’re settling for things instead. Setting limitations doesn’t allow you to stay hungry, focused and determined. Why set limitations, when there are plenty of opportunity’s in life? Don’t develop arrogance, that’s not what I’m implying. Stay humble and confident. It’s not about making a lot of money, or buying nice things. It’s about having the most important things a person wants and needs from life. We only live up to a fraction of our full ability. We’re the ones that put limitations on those abilities.