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Indiana Avenue is open to traffic again.

Since early August it has been shut down to give the Black Lives Matter mural, its proper display.

The mural is the work of artists determined to inspire hope through the Black Lives Matter Movement.

And even though vandals tried to ruin the mural, supporters say the positivity can’t be stopped.

“The Avenue I would say if you are a native, 90% of people have a tie to the Avenue,” said Paula Brooks.

“It’s there you don’t see the Blackness but it is in people’s hearts.”

Indianapolis natives like Brooks say Indiana Avenue was the perfect place to put the powerful piece of work.

“That is the root of black Indianapolis,” she added.

Brooks says you can’t tell now, but at one time Indiana Ave. used to have it all for minorities.

“Anything you needed in your community was right there and the city wiped it out,” said Brooks.

She’s referring to gentrification and IUPUI moving into the area.

Brooks says seeing this area blocked off and the foot traffic the mural brought to Indiana Ave. restored hope for her.

The movement continues with t-shirts of the mural printed on them.

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