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San Francisco 49ers v†Arizona Cardinals

As we all know, the NFL and fans had some issues with players kneeling which started by Colin Kaepernick who still doesn’t have an NFL job. So with another NFL season on the horizon, the NFL owners are trying to get ahead of what to do when it comes to the National Anthem.

According to ESPN, some of the solutions discussed were:

—Allowing each team to implement its own policy

— Clearing the field of all football personnel while the

anthem is played

—Instructing players who don’t want to stand to

remain in the locker room while the anthem is played

—Imposing penalties on teams and players who do not stand, including a

15-yard penalty and/or fines

—Adding contract language that requires players to stand

— Leaving the current policy that states players should stand, but it is not a requirement, in place.

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