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It’s estimated that Americans will spend over $2 billion dollars this Easter on candy alone.  Wow…now that’s alot of jelly beans, peeps, M&M’s and much more.  Woman’s Day has put together a list of the best 18 easter candies of all time; what’s your favorite easter candy?

According to Woman’s Day, the top ten are as follows:

10) Bunny Corn.  I know you’ve heard of corn candy, well this is a more festive vibe with pastel colors bringing in the Spring season


9) Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs.  Do the kids even know about Whoppers?  They may not be as popular as some of the other candies for Easter, but it’s certainly one that you must try.

Image result for whoppers mini eggs

8) Hershey’s Eggs.  I am not a choco-holic, but candy coated milk chocolate? My heart melts a little.


7) Chocolate Bunnies.  One of my all time favorites because you can put them in the freezer and eat em’ later in the summer. Image result for chocolate easter bunny


6) M&M’s Speckled Easter Egss.  You can never go wrong with M&M’s in my opinion and with an extra outlayer of candy coating and peanut butter…my mouth is watering.

Image result for M&M speckled easter eggs

5) Jelly Beans.  Best to me because they fit in those plastic eggs so well.  Now with new flavors like, Pineapple, Island Punch, Cotton Candy, oh my.

Image result for easter jelly beans

4) Reese’s Pieces Chocolate Easter Eggs.  Say no more…reese’s pieces are good anytime of the year.

Image result for reese's pieces easter egg

3) Peeps Marshmallow Chicks.  This should be considered the official easter mascot.  Just watch out for the sugar high that occurs with every bite.

Image result for peeps marshmallow


2) Cadbury Creme Eggs. A piece of heaven on earth!!

Image result for cadbury creme eggs

1) Cadbury Mini Candy Eggs.  Oh my goodness, they have those?!!

Image result for cadbury mini eggs

What’s your favorite candy for Easter?

Get the entire list of favorite easter candy from Woman’s Day by clicking here.