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Richard Spencer, president of The National Policy Institute and founder of the Radix Journal, and a self-described identitarian who supports White supremacist views, joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to share why White voters are so angry.

Spencer told Martin that Donald Trump “brings an existential quality to the presidential campaign that wasn’t there before.”  

When Martin challenged Spencer about Trump “pushing the buttons of White supremacists and White nationalists” with his rhetoric, The National Policy Institute founder denied the existence of White supremacists in the group and speaking for himself said, “We do not believe that Whites are superior to everyone else, so they should lord over everyone else.”

He added, “We believe that White people are unique; we have a heritage that is traced back to Europe, we’re a distinct people that has had a historical experience. We’re a distinct people that has certain myths, a certain world view, and genetics is certainly a strong aspect of that.”

When asked what Whites are scared of as a result of demographic shifts in the nation’s population, Spencer said, “This has been a White country … that’s changed dramatically and I think so many White people’s view is that we’re going to become a minority in this country.

“We are losing power, we are losing our country.”

Martin addressed America’s rise to a superpower with the use of slavery, calling work performed by slaves “labor that was free, labor that was stolen, labor that was abused.”   

“Without slavery, you don’t even have an income system, without slavery, the Thirteen Colonies dies economically. So I would say you should be saying to African-Americans, ‘I’m sure glad y’all were here.’

“America does not become an economic superpower without Black folks,” said Martin.

Spencer responded, “I don’t agree with you with that historical claim in the slightest bit.” He then wished “we never had slavery” and said slavery is a “wound on this nation.”

Spencer continued to deny the impact slavery had in growing this nation’s economy: “There are many other countries that became extremely wealthy that did not have African slaves.” 

The host of NewsOne Now later told Spencer, “Here is the reality: we ain’t going anywhere, just like White supremacists and White nationalists have been saying, you’re more than welcome to go back to Europe.

“African-Americans, we’re not going anywhere, we built this country, we’re going to benefit from this country. Latinos [are] not going anywhere, so Richard, you’re going to have to scoot over and share the country, ’cause guess what? We ain’t turning back.”

Before closing the segment, Martin told Spencer, “Whites are going to have to learn to share some power … y’all had a really good run and it’s been good for ya, but you got to share right now.”

Watch Roland Martin and Richard Spencer’s conversation in its entirety in the video clip above.


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