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Before Mr. T starred on The A-Team, he was a bodyguard for the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali.

Not surprisingly, Ali provided tons of stories for everyone in his entourage, and Mr. T just revealed a really good one. TMZ caught up with Mr. T and he shared how Ali would go to rough neighborhoods and break up fights and stop crimes.

You’d see guys arguing on the corner, about to cut each other. He’d say, ‘Hey hey! The guys stopped fighting, and they say, ‘It’s the champ!’ He’d say ‘Break that up’, and Ali would stop stuff!” he told TMZ.

Mr. T also credited a lot of his business savvy from being around the heavyweight champ.

A lot of the stuff I do in terms of PR, I learned it from Muhammad Ali,” he added. “He told me you gotta be different but good.”

The iconic gold chain wearer even said he used to write speeches about him, saying, “He’s my hero.”

Watch Mr. T tell his hilarious and inspiring stories up top.


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