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This list started as the top 5 things, but after speaking with family & friends I’ve added more things to the list.  These things may seem like they are common sense, but never under-estimate someone’s lack of common sense.

10.  Do not keep the good liquor or wine out for the family to see.  Uncle Ray-Ray stopped by the LQ before coming over, but since he came at 12noon and it’s not even 3pm, he’s looking for  more and knows you always have the good stuff.

9.   Do not let anyone use the bathroom upstairs.  You’re plumbing was working fine…but now             Uncle Ray-Ray is asking for a plunger.

8.  Do not get loaded the night before.  You’ll wake up late and wonder why you don’t smell turkey         because you were suppose to start the oven last night.

7.  Do not bring a dish unless asked.  The host has gone through enough to prepare the meal with           all the fix-ins, then here you come asking if there’s more room for one more dish.  Which by the                 way…is the size of a small state.

6.  Do not bring uninvited guest; it’s sort of like rule #7.  The host barely has enough plates,                 silverware and chairs for the people who are invited, now you want to bring the girl from the party             you met last night.  No.

5. Do not wait until the day of to pick up a few things from the store.   Everything is gone                and the pie crust that are left, will crumble in your hands as soon as you open the package…trust                me.

4. Do not try a new dish…this is the not the time for an experiment. Keep the hot ticket                    items there like turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, greens, etc.  No one wants to try your vegan diet                      techniques today.

3.   Do not be late to the party, no one is waiting on you.  If dinner is served at 4pm, you be                 there around 3:30pm.  Plus, do not get mad because you are late and now the only chair available               is at the  kids table.

2.  Do not substitute pumpkin pie for sweet potato pie unless you plan on this being the last                family meal that you attend. They are not the same and I don’t care what anyone says.

  1. Do not jack up the turkey in any way.  Take out the giblets, make sure it is not still frozen, don’t over-cook or under-cook…DO NOT JACK UP THE TURKEY.  I’m not a big turkey fan, but I would like a turkey leg or something.

If you have things to add to the list, please do.  This is just a public announcement in hopes to make this Thanksgiving the best ever.

Happy Thanksgiving from @BritneybOntheradio and your family here at 106.7 WTLC.


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