When it comes to shipping around the holidays, experts say there is also very little wiggle room this year due to staffing shortages.

Clear out your holiday party quickly with these tips

Everybody loves a good smelling candle and Dunkin Donuts has released their candles. The candles are starting at $30. The scents are Original Blend, Old Fashioned, and Peppermint Mocha. The candle scents will last for 60-80 hours in one room. Source: delish.com

It’s the countdown to the holidays! We have extra time to send our long distance loved ones their gifts. Select Indy post offices will open on Sundays from 11am – 3pm before Christmas. “As we count down to the holidays, we know how stressful the season can be as we rush to get everything sent on […]

This list started as the top 5 things, but after speaking with family & friends I’ve added more things to the list.  These things may seem like they are common sense, but never under-estimate someone’s lack of common sense. 10.  Do not keep the good liquor or wine out for the family to see.  Uncle Ray-Ray […]

  Most women (certainly not all) take pride in their ability to throw down in the kitchen. Fried chicken, collard greens, baked mac and cheese … those are just some of the soul-food recipes I inherited as a young girl from my mother. She would always say, “The way to a man’s heart is through […]

It’s that time of year to gather with the family over a nice slice of pie. Well, James Wright Chanel gave us a little advice on which brand we should go with, the Patti LaBelle Pie. SOURCE: https://www.facebook.com/1067WTLC/

The holidays are just around the corner and Gabrielle Union will be directing a Christmas movie. “A Meyers Christmas” will hit theaters November 11th.   SOURCE: https://instagram.com/p/8jnFyRp-Xh/?taken-by=gabunion

The deadline is getting closer and if you are still Christmas shopping here are some ideas to get you through the holidays with everyone enjoying the gift you gave them. 1. Probably one of the hardest tips is to keep in mind who you are shopping for. Always remember that you are not shopping for yourself […]

We had recently got word that Tyler Perry and his girlfriend had their baby boy over the Thanksgiving holiday. Now, Tyler has come out to share his experience as being a new father. You would think that Tyler Perry would have several nannies for his new baby but surprisingly they have no extra help around. […]

Ahhh (more of an exhale than a scream–we know, it’s the holidays), it’s that time of year again. The holidays. And one of the best…