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It seems that there’s a scientific reason why women are always cold at work.  A new report published Monday in “Nature” found that temperatures in the workplace are set using an old-fashioned formula that takes into account air temperature, air speed and insulation provided by clothing.  However, an additional variable in that formula is based behind an old-fashioned model — a 40-year-old man weighing about 154-pounds.  However, women currently make up almost 50-percent of the workforce.

The study also said clothing was a factor, since men tend to wear suits and ties, while women opt for more open clothing — in other words, more cleavage.  The cleavage is closer to the core of the body, which makes the temperature difference between the air and the body much higher.  As far as a solution, the study suggests changing the temperature setting formula.  It argues women are more likely to prefer the office’s temperature at 75-degrees Fahrenheit, compared to the national average of 70 degrees.

What’s your office temperature set on?