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Ferguson PD

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Darren Wilson

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The lawyer for the man charged with shooting two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri says his client was beaten by police. Jeffrey Williams’ attorney says Williams is now nursing bruises on his shoulders and back as well as a welt on his head and a mark on his face. A spokesman for the St. Louis County Police Department denied the “beating in custody” allegation.

Meanwhile, the former police officer who is at the center of all of the unrest in the St. Louis suburb, because he’s the one who shot and killed unarmed black teenager Michael Brown last year and was not indicted for any crime, has resurfaced this week. Former Ferguson Police Department officer, Darren Wilson attended a fundraiser held by a non-profit group that “defends and protects law enforcement officers against ‘very real, evil people who desire to falsely claim and charge law enforcement officers while in the process of performing their jobs.'” Read more about Wilson and his ties to the group, HERE. 


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