@kwellscomm @1067WTLC TLCNaptown.com Local & National News and Sports Good day to you on this National Read Across America Day. Since 1998 it’s been observed every year on March 2 to honor the birthday of famed author Dr. Seuss. National stories about the current U.S. Attorney General not admitting he had multiple contacts with a Russian ambassador […]

@kwellscomm @1067WTLC TLCNaptown.com National News and Sports A bipartisan effort by lawmakers is seeking a posthumous pardon for the first African-American heavyweight boxing champion. Arizona Republican Senator John McCain and Democratic Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey are leading the effort to clear the name of boxing legend, Jack Johnson. Johnson became heavyweight champ in 1908, however […]

@kwellscomm @1067WTLC TLCNaptown.com National News Headlines —  Good day to you on this rainy Fat Tuesday!!! President Donald Trump is about to give his biggest speech since taking office. He’s expected to talk about beefing up the military with a sharp increase in military spending and border security in a prime time talk tonight when he addresses a joint […]

@kwellscomm @1067WTLC TLCNaptown.com National News  —  The president’s daughter Ivanka Trump, Small Business Administration leader Linda McMahon and presidential economic advisor Dina Powell met with business owners in Baltimore on Wednesday. The meeting at the Greater Baltimore Urban League included a roundtable discussion on urban entrepreneurship. Few details about the meeting have been released but Marc […]

@kwellscomm @1067WTLC TLCNaptown.com News  —  There’s bad news for those who’ve been protesting the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline. The project is now moving forward. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is clearing the way for completion of that controversial oil pipe project. The Corps said Tuesday in a court filing that it will grant the […]

@kwellscomm  @1067WTLC TLCNaptown.com News  — Mary Tyler Moore was apparently a big inspiration on former First Lady Michelle Obama as a young girl. Mrs. Obama told Variety magazine in a 2016 interview that “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” was an important part of her childhood. Obama noted that Moore played one of the few single working […]

@kwellscomm TLCNaptown.com News  —   A chaotic scene continues on the ground at the Fort Lauderdale (Hollywood) International Airport in Florida after a gunman opened fire Friday, killing five people and wounding eight others at a baggage claim area. UPDATE: Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel confirmed the number of dead, the identity of the shooting suspect […]

@kwellscomm TLCNaptown.com National News  — Five people were shot–two critically in downtown Seattle on Wednesday. Police officials there say an argument led to this shooting. Police say this incident was not related to an anti-Trump protest rally nearby, where thousands of protesters marched through the area many of them chanting “not my president” and other slogans. […]

@kwellscomm TLCNaptown.com Political News In a bombshell, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange implies that a Democratic National Committee staffer, who was murdered last month, was the source of leaked DNC emails. In an interview on Dutch TV Tuesday, Assange told the interviewer that whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material and often very significant risks. […]

@kwellscomm TLCNaptown.com News The African Methodist Episcopal Church is taking a stand in an nontraditional area. The AME Church is calling for action on climate change. The church’s general conference was held in Philadelphia this week. There, leaders said that black Americans are disproportionately affected by burning fossil fuels. It’s something that many in the black community […]

The mother of the little boy who climbed into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo is now defending herself after zookeepers killed the animal. Michelle Gregg posted on Facebook that society is quick to judge parents for taking their eyes off of their kids, but added that she keeps a tight watch on her […]

The hit Broadway musical “Hamilton” is adding another prize to its trophy case. The hip-hop juggernaut and hottest ticket on Broadway, has won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize in Drama. This win was widely-expected but the writer, composer and star Lin-Manuel Miranda, who plays our nation’s ten-dollar founding father and U.S. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton on stage. Miranda […]