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Frequency of texts and phone calls drops dramatically.

This is by no means a guarantee that he wants out, but it’s definitely a sign that he could. For some guys, drop in call and text frequency just means they’re comfortable enough with you to be themselves, and themselves ain’t much for chit-chat. In fact, a lot of guys probably text waaayyyy more than they normally would when they first begin dating a woman. The problem is that it’s hard to tell whether the drop-off is because of comfort or disinterest. At this point, it’s probably good not to assume the worst, but you should definitely be on your guard.

Syllable count in conversation begins to noticeably drop.

If you used to have long conversations about hopes, dreams, and the existential state of your soul with the guy you are dating but are now speaking monologues at a flesh-and-blood Magic 8 Ball then, to quote the 8 Ball, outlook not so good. Once his side of the conversation devolves into one-word answers, he is probably fading. Like texting, this could potentially be a comfort thing, but that would mean his default setting is disengaged jerk. Guys, even when they get comfortable in a relationship, like talking about stuff. It may not be stuff you want to talk about, but still.

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