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One of the most difficult relationships of my life was a friends with benefits situation. For all the awesomeness it brought to my life, the pain and sorrow it caused, continued to outweigh the good stuff every time. It was dramatic and messy, complicated and argumentative, and toward the end it was just cruel and depressing; we were no longer on the same page and we both knew it: I was in love with him and he didn’t love me back. When all was said and done, I was destroyed, and it took far longer to recover from that relationship than any other legitimate relationship where the love was mutual, that I ever had. I’m still a long way off from being the person I was before that whole debacle.

A recent study about friends with benefits or as they call them in the scientific world, FWBR, has proved that — wait for it — FWBR are bad, bad, bad. How bad? So bad that it took Kendra Knight, a communications professor of DePaul University, into the dark, seedy world of 25 college friends with benefits relationships in the hopes of finally figuring out what the problem is with these things, and how, if at all, we can sort of beat the messy demise to the punch. Her study was, well, a vicious circle.

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