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Ways to Deal When He Wants More Sex Than You Do

Reasons why your man wants more sex than you do and tips on what to do about it:

1. Too tired. This is one of my biggest problems. I get up early with my kids and go to bed late. So I’m tired when I get into bed. There’s nothing wrong with scheduling a rendezvous at an off time, when you’re not likely to fall asleep.

2. Not enough time. There’s always something that needs to be done, either with work or around the house. Have your partner up his participation in exchange for the promise of more “bed” time.

3. Feeling self-conscious about your body. There have been times when I’ve felt less than sexy, which translates to me wanting to keep my clothes on. So I do — during sex. I wear a lacy camisole or even a tight tank, because after two C-sections and some extended breastfeeding, I don’t always want to be completely out there.

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