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1. Put Away Your Phone.

Self-explanatory. Actually look up at the world — it’s kind of pretty sometimes.

“Put away the tablet, phone or computer once in a while. The man in the coffee shop might feel like he doesn’t stand a chance of tearing you away from that glowing screen.”

2. Connect With People.

Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation — in person.

“Brave up and be aware of people around you instead of your Tinder app. Online dating apps are a fun way to make connections when you’re not out in public. At least check your messages when you’re in the ladies’ room, instead of being engrossed with it while you’re waiting in line for coffee.”

3. Smile.

Your face is a lot prettier when it’s got a smile on it. Trust us.

“A real-life smile, not a colon and a parentheses, will go a long way in keeping your outlook positive, and it can have the ripple effect on the people around you. Single happy people want to connect with other single happy people. Just because you smiled at someone who happens to have a girlfriend, doesn’t mean your smile was wasted. You just made someone’s day.”

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