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Aside from walking in with your distinguished resume, your college diploma, and the MVP award you won in 8th grade basketball all taped to your chest, it can be difficult to convey what you can offer in such a short amount of time. Thus, you work with what you can. You do this by knowing what women will notice about you the moment their eyes meet yours.

  1. How you dress: For men wondering how to attract women naturally, the manner in which you dress is highly important. Being too overdressed – wearing a suit to a bar, for instance – can make you come across as over eager and trying too hard. Dressing like a slob, on the other hand, paints you as immature and lazy.
  2. Your level of attractiveness: Women will also notice how attractive you are (hey, you notice it about them, it’s only fair). Some women will put much more credence into looks than others will. But most need to be attracted to you on some level before they’ll allow any kind of interest to take root. The number one thing you can do to improve your attractiveness is to smile: people are always more attracted to those with a grin on their face than those who look miserable.

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