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1. If you keep meeting drama kings/queens, you must be seeking it yourself.

Really? Because every man or woman you meet has “drama” etched on his or her forehead, right? Isn’t it safe to say we should give someone at least a couple dates to determine if they’re full of drama or not? Exactly, so shut your trap!

2. If all the people you meet are jerks, you’re the only common denominator.

Like the point above, giving the benefit of the doubt takes time. Surely, if we cast off everyone whom we suspect may be a jerk down the line, it would make us so jaded that we’d become hermits who live in a cocoon of safety in our home. Oh, and if we did that, we’d be called “too picky.” (See #4).

3. If a man (or woman) is refusing marriage, there must be a good reason.

Meaning, in a snarky, slightly-anonymous internet tone, “anyone who doesn’t believe in marriage is a loser, jaded, bitter and commitment-phobe who ruins it for children they may have.” Nope. Not so fast. I have several friends that never tied the knot and are raising children in a loving home. Paperwork to show everyone you’re hitched doesn’t make you happy, nor does it set some super-high-level example to your kids that “this is what good people do when they’re in love.” I’ve seen far worse amounts of families raised in a married home where the parents literally hate each other. I wonder which family those kids would rather be raised in.

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