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A smiling father, mother and daughter standing beside a blooming cherry blossom tree

Spring is here! Warmer air, more sunshine, and more opportunities to get out of the house and enjoy the inspiring beauty of nature. And ice cream!

After a long, and sometimes brutal, few months of snow, ice, bitter temperatures and cabin fever to the extreme, now is the perfect time time to take a few moments to truly prepare yourself for everything the warmer months have to offer you. Detoxifying your life can help encourage a more positive outlook, as well as help you sleep better, eat better, have more energy and less allergy symptoms, and enjoy an overall feeling of health and happiness.

Here are some spring-worthy tips to try:

1. Clean Your Home

Household clutter can add stress to your life. So do a thorough job deep-cleaning your home. Clean the cabinets. Wash those rugs and carpets. Break out a fresh and clean pair of curtains, perhaps in a light and relaxing shade. Clear out anything that you no longer need – this not only includes old newspapers and magazines, but old clothes, pantry items, dishes, furniture, etc. Invite nature into your home by adding some new plants and flowers.

2. Clean Your Contact List

Spring can also be a time to think about who or what is holding you back. Often, painful memories and toxic friends can prevent you from exploring healthier relationships. The best approach is to take personal responsibility for your choices –  and then letting go of the people who only add pain, frustration and stress to your life.

Next step? In order to invite the right relationships into your life, whether personal or professional, identify exactly what you want and need to be happy.

3. Get Moving

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