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On this week’s episode of “Scandal,” dubbed “No Sun on the Horizon,”  Olivia finds out the truth about Sally’s murderous ways and Cyrus’ great lengths to keep her out of jail, but the biggest cover up of the episode — and season 3, in general — has been of Kerry Washiongton’s baby bump.   I know, I know I was supposed to be sucked into the aftermath of Daniel Douglass’ murder, the Presidential debate, Jake doing his best Command impersonations, Quinn being annoying, etc….and I was.  But I can’t stop cracking up at all the ways that “Scandal” has been shot to give Kerry the “Claire Huxtable treatment.”

Remember on season 3 of “The Cosby Show” when a very pregnant Phylicia Rashad started popping up on camera behind unusually high counters and with random oversized boxes or giant teddy bears strategically placed in front of her stomach? Yeah, we’re seeing tactics that go a little something like that…and they actually just keep reminding me that the show’s star is with child. When and how did “Scandal” try to get crafty with hiding Kerry’s baby bump this episode? Let us count the ways…

1. When Liv was unable to deal with the truth about Daniel Douglas’ death.


Usually Liv is running around — and talking — at 100 miles an hour but someone must’ve warned her she was in for some heavy news because in the first scene we see The Fixer, she’s conveniently sitting down, crouched over with her arms covering herself.  Glaidators Abby and Huck are standing during the pow wow where Olivia finally finds out that Vice President Sally Langston killed her husband, but nosey lawyer David Rosen is also sitting for  balance.

2. When the opening credits rolled. 


Hey, this cover up is a team effort! After Oliva found out the Veep murked her husband and it happened after Cyrus pimped out his husband,  she jumped off the couch….right as the credits rolled over the bottom view of her busy print dress. Meanwhile, Kerry delivered her lines with wild hand movements over her middle region.

3. When Liv confronted Cyrus in this oversized coat. 


I’ve started to question Oliva’s judgement after the never ending back and forth with Fitz (girl, give it up with Vermont!) and  now I’m questioning her fashion choices. What happened to the fly white coats? Is that a hand me down that Mama Pope left when she fled the country? Oh right: black is supposed to be slimming.

4. When the thought of the White House staff being murderers was so hilarious.  


When it dawned on Liv that Cyrus, Fitz and Sally have all be involved in murders she broke out into a maniacal laughter that apparently required having another seat.

5. When Liv photobombed the White House furnishings. 


Props! Plus more wild hand movements and that oversized coat that never came off. The conversation with Cyrus about how much trouble he was potentially in over the whole Sally debacle, pulled out all the stops.

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