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6. When Abby handed over “all the research” on the Daniel Douglass case.


No time for the wall the Gladiators usually uses to lay out all case evidence, the Daniel Douglas research came in one little neat black folder that Abby presented squarely in front of Liv midsection…as she was sitting down, again.

7. When Olivia was over it and turned her back on Abby. 


“So that’s it? What about David?” Abby asked when she realizes her lawyer boyfriend knows too much about Daniel’s murder and James blowing the whistle on it. “So we’re not stopping him or helping him?”

“No.” Olivia responded with a supreme side eye as she got up and quickly turned around to lock up the file for safe keeping. “I’m not getting involved Abby, not this time,” Liv added before rushing out the room.  What baby bump?

8. When Liv came over to Jake’s house bearing gifts. 


Wine. Check. Giant grocery bag that Liv lifts up to show Jake she’s got dinner. Check. Successful eclipse of the belly? Check.

9. When Olivia took her fashion cues from the Olsen twins. 


Oversized sweaters, multiple scarfs and busy print — oh my!  It must have been laundry day for Liv because she threw on, well, this for her visit to Jake’s house. But considering the man’s all the way in the friend zone this random assortment of layers actually works.  This isn’t Fitz we’re talking; no incentive to get sexy.

9. When Jake kept trying to block Liv from being with Fitz (again)…


…and ended up practically blocking our view of her.

It just me, or did you feel nosey when Jake breathlessly asked Olivia to run away with him, since we were left to take in the conversation while looking over his shoulder nearly the whole time? The close-up  has been a classic tactic that has been used for Kerry throughout the season. Shoulder region and up!

(Side note: that’s totally grape juice she’s chugging)

10. When Jake went for it, pelvis first. 


Jake dives in to “take advantage” of Olivia, at her request, and he pounces on her so quickly with a pelvic thrust and neck grab that by the time you really see Oliva’s full body it’s welded into his. Extra points for Kerry throwing her arm out to the side before their bodies meet, and one more time for that chunky sweater that helped keep everything hidden.

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