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The popular mutil-genre singer and “R&B Divas” cast member turns 47 today, and in case you’re not familiar with her, check out the Hello Beautiful article below.  If you have a favorite song or moment involving Miss Moore, leave a comment!


Who is Chante Moore? Chante Moore is a singer known for her R&B, jazz, soul, and gospel recordings, though she may soon owe her fame to “R&B Divas: LA,” the TV One reality show on which she appears. “R&B Divas: LA” follows six female singers who, shall we say, aren’t as famous as they once were—some have called them “has-beens,” which seems harsh—and the show is a chance for fans to reacquaint themselves with Chante Moore, who scored her highest-charting single in 1999 with “Chante’s Got a Man.”

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Who is Chante Moore? Fewer people had cause to ask that question in the ‘90s, when the San Francisco native arrived on the scene and released a series of hit records. Chante Torrane Moore was born Feb. 17, 1967, and like many R&B singers, she got her start singing in the church. In 1992, Chante Moore dropped her debut album, “Precious,” which reached No. 20 on the R&B chart. She’s faired better with each of her subsequent six LPs, two of which—2003’s “Things That Lovers Do” and 2006’s “Uncovered/Covered”—she recorded with her second husband, Kenny Lattimore.

Who is Chante Moore? A devoted mother to two children—the first being a daughter, Sophia, she had in 1996 with her first husband, actor Kadeem Hardison, who played Dwayne Wayne on the “Cosby Show” spinoff “A Different World.” In 2002, Chante Moore married Lattimore, and the following year, they welcomed a son, Kenny Jr. Although they divorced in 2011, Chante Moore insists she’s committed to both of her kids—even with the demands of being on a reality show like “R&B Divas: LA.”

“They come first, I love them more than my music, making music, or anything,” she told “The balance is that if anything is going on in their lives then I’m there. The beautiful part about doing what I do for a living is usually we work weekends, most of the time we’re home.”

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Who is Chante Moore? A still-active artist—her eighth album, “Moore Is More,” drops in late July 2013—and reality TV star who may surprise some people with her appearance on “R&B Divas: LA.” “Well I think fans have an impression of me that’s more conservative and maybe pristine, maybe, but I’m not that at all,” she told “I’m not pretentious at all. I’m pretty goofy and I like to laugh a lot, so I think that will be the most surprising is how easy going I am most of the time.”



Article and Picture Courtesy of Hello Beautiful

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