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“Ignorance is bliss” has got to be one of the most inaccurate phrases in the history of the human language. That’s probably true, right up until it’s NOT. Ignorance isn’t being stupid, that’s an inability to learn. Ignorance is what you don’t know, and the fact is that most times, what you haven’t learned will have you embarrassed. But what you don’t know can and will get you not just hurt but dragged, mangled, maimed, stomped into wine and F.U.B.A.R. aka






In other words… HURT.


Enter Cali MC Funky J. an up and coming rapper, originally from Ohio who migrated out to Cali. Active in KRS-One’s Temple Of Hip-Hop, J Considers himself a Protege to The Teacha… which makes the following even more baffling…

During a recorded conversation we see Funky J attempting some halfway gangster tactics on none other than Hip-Hop legend and Bronx native KRS-One. Basically, after a van was stolen that belonged to J, along with twenty stacks that belonged to KRS, Funky J’s ignorance told him that it would be a great decision to leave a note on KRS’s front door stating; “If I find out you had anything to do with this, it’s on.”

This is where the bliss ends.

The conversation picks up with KRS-One informing J that he’s decided it IS on, RIGHT NOW. Then The Teacha decides to remove the ignorance by reminding J of a few things. One, he would break his neck, blow his mouth off, would end up face down on the ground and that the smartest thing he could do was get his gun back from Lion because Hip-Hoppers “get it first.” KRS even goes so far as to ask if he DID pull up in J’s stolen van, autographed by KRS-One himself, “what would you do?” after J admits, “hop in the passenger seat” the rest of the talk finds him playing hopscotch between not looking like a punk and moonwalking away from an all-too-happy-to-manhandle-a-rapper O.G. that he pissed off. J’s bliss is now in orbit… right next to the jig. And there’s only one question left unanswered…

Fam, Where were your boys?


How in the hell can you claim to be a Hip-Hop lover and not know that KRS-One is NOT the guy to get tough with?! Nobody  ever showed you the cover of “Criminal Minded”? They didn’t tell you that B.D.P. originally stood for “Beat Down Posse” and that “Boogie Down Productions” was the Disney version?? There was no friend in your phone who could have told you KRS had ratchets in his videos before it was cool? That despite the tough talk, most rappers wouldn’t bust a grape in fruit fight while KRS has gone on stage during someone else’s show and thrown them off?? That he’s rolled crew deep into shows, terrorizing cats on the scene for, like… EVER?

You know what? Never mind the past… have you seen some of the recent KRS-One interviews? Can you not see that KRS is just a tad bit… off? This is the man whose house you decided to leave a threatening note at? This 6’4”, former homeless shelter resident has spent his entire life putting hands on people and gets a kick outta pounding out rappers—and you qualify as BOTH? Your thought was that you were going to take a stick and poke Hip-Hop’s original Gucci Mane and line yourself up for a righteous and educated ass-whooping??

krs one gif

Getting into it with KRS-One in 2014 and still expecting peace is about as smart as leaving drugs around Lil Wayne and still expecting to get high. Both are mistakes that could have been avoided if you only had the common sense to pay attention… or friends around to tell you better. Looks like this guy is gonna need a double shot of both. Happy New Year Bruh… smh


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