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Will Fitz Be Replaced By The First Woman President?

Of course even in the midst of the tears and “who done it” mystery there is still a client that needs attention. After turning down the White House offer to run President Grant’s re­election campaign, Olivia goes full steam ahead making sure Congresswoman Josie Marcus gets elected. Securing donors and even a full primetime interview, with of course the only reporter as good as Diane Sawyer; James Novak. Seriously, is Cyrus’ husband the only person we can tap for interviews now? We get it, he works.

Nonetheless after relentless attempts to make Josie show her fangs instead of her apron strings Olivia and Abby discover she has a temper and use it to their advantage. Concocting a faux ad that alludes to the Congresswoman not being able to handle the Presidency due to her womanhood she loses her cool and let’s America, the Democratic party and of course James, have it. Meanwhile back at the White House Cyrus realizes once again they’ve been Poped.

It seems as though Cyrus is being hit from all directions as we watch Vice President Langston try to execute what looks to be a well thought out plan to make her way onto the presidential ticket. However, even after hiring the second round pick to Olivia Pope and planting seeds of

dissention in the ears of an old friend, Sally still comes up short. Her man’s wandering eyes couldn’t even take a break during grace while dining with the first couple and that old friend she thought was in her corner? Turns out he’s in Cyrus’ palm. Tough luck Madam VP.

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