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Cyrus & Mellie Conspire…Again; Harrison Fears For His Life

Mellie and Cyrus have done all they can do to secure President Grant’s re­election, the final piece to the puzzle was getting their girl back. Unfortunately for them, the house of cards all comes tumbling down when they find out Olivia has pulled out on account of Fitz staying tight lipped on “Operation Remington”. You know when these two are knocked down the claws come out and this time they landed into Harrison. We’ve seen into the lives of every other associate at OPA so it was about time.

Though it was only a crumb of what I am sure is a very messy pie we do know that, Harrison is also trying to stay alive by laying low. The name Andan Salif comes floating to the surface and Harrison finally has to cash in on a Huck favor. Too bad it seems even Huck can’t save the day this time as Cyrus foils that plan when Harrison decides to get tough and not follow his orders. Looks like Harrison may be needing some fixing of his own.

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