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Who Killed Liv’s Mother?

We’ve never gotten the full story on what happened to Liv’s mother but from the looks of Liv’s father, we knew it had to be something crazy. We also haven’t gotten the full story on “Operation Remington” so it was fate that whatever happened to Liv’s mom would have ties to it. Since Jake and Huck were on a mission to stop Eli the “Command,” they were watching his every move. Huck eavesdropped on a conversation that Command and Fitz were having and overheard them discussing the inappropriate disposal of Pete Foster. Fitz also was disappointed in Command’s decision to kill Foster to cover up Operation Remington especially since no one was looking into it. I guess Command didn’t want any traces left behind of whatever happened in Operation Remington!

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Later in the episode, Jake and Huck discovered that Fitz was in Iceland during Operation Remington and was listed as flying the rescue mission – but they were just not sure as to why.

Jake and Huck later figured out why Fitz was in Iceland. Turns out, when Fitz was listed as flying the plane in Operation Remington, he was actually shooting down a plane on behalf of the US Government. But get this, Huck had the passenger list and a woman by the name of Maya Lewis was a passenger on the plane. *Get ready for it* Maya Lewis never took on her married name and her married name was Pope!!!

In case you weren’t following this huge twist: Fitz shot down the plane that Olivia’s mother was on! Lawd!

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