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Liv Is Fired & Rehired

Josephine Marcus (Lisa Kudrow) has hired Olivia Pope & Associates to help her with her Presidential campaign. After Liv told Josephine that she seemed very inexperienced to be President but offered to help clean up her image, Josephine was sold and put all of her trust into Liv and her team. The twist: Liv wasn’t hired as Josephine’s campaign manager but rather to “fix” the fact that she had a baby when she was 15. She didn’t want her secret daughter’s privacy to be invaded, especially since only 5 people knew the truth (6 including Cyrus since he dug up the dirt on Josephine on last week’s episode).  The gladiators went to work – digging up information from Josie’s hometown and anything that could help her case.

Over at the White House, Cyrus needed help with Fitz’s campaign and offered Olivia the job to help dig up dirt on Josephine. Liv declined, after all Josie was her client now and Fitz was just going to have to deal with it! The Gladiators were able to find everybody who knew anything about Josie’s secret baby, including the nurse who delivered the child and Josie’s baby daddy. They paid off everyone to keep their mouth’s shut and voilà – Josie’s past was nonexistent!

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When it was time for the Democratic Debate, Josie was confident that she would walk away with a nomination. Liv warned Josie that she was going to be asked about the secret baby before hand especially when Josie’s “little sister” a.k.a her secret daughter Candice showed up in time to get forced into revealing the truth about giving birth as a teenager. Josie revealed to everyone that she got pregnant at 15 and gave her child up for adoption and single-handedly won the hearts over of the American public – except for Candice who was devastated to hear the truth. Josie then fired Liv for “destroying” the most important relationship she had with Candice.

Later in the episode in an awkward twist of events, Mellie asked Liv to join Fitz’s campaign again and help them win the next election. Mellie told Liv that Fitz’ couldn’t breathe without her let alone win this race and they all needed her on their team! The wife asking the mistress for help? Crazy!

Fitz didn’t know about Mellie’s proposal to Liv but she gave Liv no choice when she brought up Defiance and told Liv that they both owed this to Fitz. Mellie is GOOD!

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