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A light drizzle, cool winds, and a cramped parking lot failed to discourage a legion of “Love That Girl” supporters from walking three flights of damp stairs leading up to the rooftop entrance at 3100 Wilshire Bilvd in Los Angeles.

There, the TV One show’s cast strutted their stuff on the indoor red carpet, welcomed by a fleet of flashing cameras and admiring eyes. The Wednesday affair was scheduled to begin at 7pm; but you know how black folks do–we run on CPT.

Nevertheless, despite the 40 minute delay and sluggish start, the evening climaxed brilliantly as guests, including R&B’s own Marques Houston and a slew of other celebs, got their dance and drink on while a tandem of dynamic DJ’s set the roof on fire with classic hits from the 90′s and present day.



After three seasons, and relentless clamor for another go round by fans of the show, “Love That Girl” was retained by TV1 despite Tatyana Ali’s departure from the cast.

The baby-faced actress left her central role to pursue other interests, sources report. This wasn’t the result of some falling out with producers, though, as the actress had been offered a contract for BET’s “Second Generation Wayans” during the break from “Love That Girl.” But it’s like the old saying goes, “one monkey don’t stop no show (literally in this case).”

Now, with a revamped cast, new writers, and reinvigorated storyline, the comedy series is returning to cable television tomorrow (Friday, Oct 11) at 9:30pm E&P/8:30 CT. You don’t wanna miss it.



In between all the dancing and carrying on, the crowd got to see a sneak peek of the show’s opening episode. Guests with twitter accounts were also encouraged to “tweet” periodically for raffle prizes and to offer their support for season 4.

At one point during the festivities, the entire cast–writers and all–crowded the small stage that peers over the floor below, greeting the audience with individual “thank you’s” and underwhelming jokes (We applaud them for trying).

The shindig was capped off with–you guessed it, more alcohol (can anybody say, “Tequila”?).

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